Embroidery: The art or process of forming decorative designs with needlework.

 Custom embroidery is the perfect way to give your branded apparel a professional and sophisticated look. It’s a classic choice for everything from athletic apparel and hats to bags and business attire.

The in-house embroidery services at Smith Promotional Advertising allow us to give you the best prices and very fast turnaround times.

Our embroidery operator has more than 30 years of experience, and we think she’s the best. With her expertise, your logo will be sewn flawlessly and we’ll never put it on a product that is not suited to embroidery.


What to expect:

Any new embroidery project begins with a process called digitizing that turns your logo into an embroidery file. After that, we do a test run (called a sew out). We always give our customers the option of seeing their sew out in person to make sure it looks perfect before we embroider any products.

Meanwhile, the experts at Smith Promotional Advertising will help you pick the perfect apparel and promotional products for your business or organization.


Click here for a video of our embroidery machine in action.